Two creatives from Brisbane, Australia working together to produce beautiful ceramic pieces.

The Potter: Tracy Dickason

“Through the years I have explored many creative paths as a way of finding time to create peace and quiet in a busy life full of control and order. I have found that working with clay allows me to relinquish control, embrace the unpredictable and become the child full of mud and wander. Making ceramics is a slow process that requires care and attention at every stage. Each piece I make is either hand-built or wheel thrown so no two pieces will ever be the same. Whilst I mould, throw or turn clay to reflect an idea I have in my mind I always allow myself to be guided by the clay allowing each piece to be unique and expressive in its own way. I am never completely sure of how a piece will look until it reveals itself in its final firing, leaving me with a sense of anticipation every time I open the kiln door.”

The Painter: Tiel Seivl-Keevers

A career as an artist, graphic designer, illustrator, and teacher. “My work evolves from my natural surroundings. Texture, line and colour are elements that echo as I work through the passage of developing a blank surface to finished image. Usually I make marks on paper, wood or canvas and now I paint on clay. Being a different surface and painting with glazes has been an interesting challenge, allowing me to think and work in new ways. I feel that ceramics is the perfect surface to work on in order to combine my interest in flora and seasonal change. I feel grounded, connected, stitched to the intricacies of the natural world and compelled to create its expression.”